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Dear Friends of AFO

It has been a while since I have written or updated uers of AFO services (several months). So I have several items that may be of interest to some of you. The first two are a couple of free services.

Biblical Stewardship Online Series:

Except for the 1% folks, I suspect most of us have concerns about handling money from time to time. And if we want to handle our money in a way that honors Christ, we need to know what that way is! Fortunately Scripture has a lot to say about how to handle money in a way that honors God. I am pleased to announce that after 5 years of technical development and by the financial expertise of Mr. Art Ally, we can offer a free online self-guided course on money management. This free course is designed for everyone, regardless of age, gender or income level. It will help you avoid debt and frivilous spending. I would encourage every member of your family to create an account and go through the course. It will change your life! It changed mine! Check it out!

Internet Safety:

I have been warning folks for over 20 years that the Internet has a dark side. It is tremendous tool for a lot of good, but it also can be dangerous to young minds, identity, security and relationships. Therefore some time ago I began collecting articles that expose some of the real issues with the Internet. I want to share this collection with all of you. It is also a free service from AFO. When you click on the following link you will see a long list of Internet safety related article titles. Just click on the ones that catch your interest. Some of the articles are not suitable for children, so be aware and guard access to these articles. Ignorance of the dark side is the strongest weapon the enemy has. Please keep informed and use the knowledge to help protect your family. Here is the link:

AFO Services:

As most of you know, AFO has a complete compliment of Internet safety products. These include browser filters, filtered email, secured web site hosting and more. I would encourage you, even if you already have one of our services, to look at our additional services for your safety and protection. I think you will find we have the service your need.

Future Products and Development

In order to insure that everyone can afford our services, we keep the cost as low as possible. Unfortunately in the technology business, technology changes constantly and we put a lot of effort and dollars into keeping up with technology. In the past we have had some generous donors and revenue from our services to help us fund development. Currently we are facing the need for a huge development phase and we can use a lot of help. Therefore we are turning to you the subscriber to help us if you can. We have created a GoFundMe page for this development effort. If you are so moved and have the resources a gift of any size would be greatly appreciated. I hope you will be blessed knowing your donation will help protect other families as well as your own. Thank you for your help. Here is the link (gofundme is a safe and secure way to donate):

Steve Ensley - CEO
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